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Easy to use




I used your software on Sunday and I think it's brilliant, very easy to use.

- Lyn Scales

The software made it so much quicker to do the work so it's paying for itself in spades.

- Gareth Larter

I have found it very easy to use, the system is user friendly, and has now got all the bits that were missing off ML Comp. i.e. Names, Judges Names etc. The best bit for me is the way that all Ballroom & Latin Events can be loaded onto the internet for people to look at and download.

- Nigel Horrocks

Ten dance was great - so easy. Can't believe how easy and quick to upload results to the web."

- Jackie Conway

I thought the first version of Easycomp that I used was good but the latest version is even better, everything explained thoroughly, and what an asset are the new end number entry and Undo features! Thank you, you make our job so much easier!

- Linda Hughes