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  • Easycomp is licensed software. It works by means of a purchased licence which lasts for 1 year or 28 days. When the licence expires you will need to buy another one if you wish to continue using the program.
  • The cost of a licence depends on the Easycomp variant and the type of licence. Prices are shown on the Features page.
  • A licence is only valid for one computer. If you upgrade your computer you can transfer your licence to another one (see Frequently Asked Questions page).
  • Not sure which variant you want? Check the Features page.
  • Not sure how to buy a licence? Click here for step-by-step instructions.

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Easycomp Basic (1 Year)
Easycomp Pro (1 Year)
Easycomp Elite (1 Year)
Easycomp Ultimate (1 Year)

Easycomp Basic (28 Days)
Easycomp Pro (28 Days)
Easycomp Elite (28 Days)
Easycomp Ultimate (28 Days)