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South Staffs Spring Open Online14/03/2021
UK online SOLO titles 202128/02/2021
UK online titles SAT 202127/02/2021
Central Open OnLine07/02/2021
Autumn Awards Day23/11/2020
Nxt Generation2 ONLINE 202008/11/2020
Nxt Generation 202030/08/2020
NL The Ken Park Memorial Titles Adults 202016/03/2020
NL The Ken Park Memorial Titles 202016/03/2020
South Staffs Spring SL Open - 15032016/03/2020
2020 Trent Trophy Day16/03/2020
The London Gala Ball 202014/03/2020
2020 Bristol Friendly14/03/2020
2020 Bristol Friendly Team Match14/03/2020
2020 Southern Friendly14/03/2020
ABD Southern Area Medallist of the Year 202009/03/2020
Pennine Trophy Day 202008/03/2020
Untitled Event08/03/2020
City of Manchester Championships 202008/03/2020
Supadance NW Div 1 and 2 01-03-2003/03/2020
2020 IDTA Street Finals02/03/2020
The 10th South of England Championships01/03/2020
Supadance NW Div 1 and 201/03/2020
Yvonne Deaton's Dance Stars 2020 226/02/2020
2020 Essex Super League24/02/2020
Worcester Dance Festival 202023/02/2020
2020 QQS Awards18/02/2020
Cocarola Festival Feb 202017/02/2020
Cocarola Professional Latin Cabaret17/02/2020
West of Britain solo titles 202016/02/2020
Pink Jukebox Trophy 202016/02/2020
Dancesport Scotland - Under 21's Competition Day15/02/2020
The All England Open Championships 2020- Sun 9th Feb10/02/2020
The All England Open Championships 2020 - Sat 8th Feb10/02/2020
All England Championships 2020 Multi Dance09/02/2020
NUDC Sheffield 202009/02/2020
A Competition Day 2020 Latin and Adults03/02/2020
A Competition Day 2020 Sequence and Ballroom03/02/2020
Central Super League Open 02022002/02/2020
HORSHAM DANCERS FEB 202002/02/2020
2020 Southern Friendly Team Match01/02/2020
University of East Anglia29/01/2020
Mary Kirstens Competition27/01/2020
BDF Star Championships 202026/01/2020
Birmingham Uni Friendly 202025/01/2020
Scottish Closed Championships 201925/01/2020
2020 UK Championships Thursday23/01/2020
2020 UK Championships Wednesday22/01/2020
2020 UK Rising Star Championships22/01/2020
Universal Open Sunday 19th January 202020/01/2020
Universal Open Rising Star Sat 18th January 202020/01/2020
The Lancashire Gold Cup19/01/2020
Herne Bay Festival Jan 202019/01/2020
DPA UK Sequence Championships 202019/01/2020
STAR BALL 202016/01/2020
NL The Northumberland Titles Latin and Adults 202013/01/2020
NL The Northumberland Titles Sequence and Ballroom 201913/01/2020
2020 East Yorkshire Titles12/01/2020
Champions of Tomorrow 2020 Friday07/01/2020
Champions of Tomorrow 2020 Thursday07/01/2020
Champions Of Tomorrow 2020 Sunday ProAm Sequence06/01/2020
Christmas Solo Competition Day17/12/2019
Christmas Dance Awards 201908/12/2019
Manchester University Winter 201907/12/2019
2019 South Wales Gold Cup04/12/2019
HORSHAM DANCERS DEC 201902/12/2019
Suffolk Championship 201901/12/2019
Supadance Nationals Competition Sunday01/12/2019
Supadance Nationals Competition Saturday30/11/2019
Supadance Nationals Competition Friday30/11/2019
Unity Dance Festival 2019 Sunday24/11/2019
Unity Dance Festival 2019 Saturday24/11/2019
Unity Dance Festival 2019 Friday24/11/2019
Stoke-on-Trent Dance Festival 2019 Sunday18/11/2019
Stoke-on-Trent Dance Festival 2019 Saturday18/11/2019
UK Equality Open 201916/11/2019
Welsh Latin Championships 9th November 201912/11/2019
NOE Sequence Championships Sequence and Ballroom 201911/11/2019
NOE Sequence Championships Latin and Adults 201911/11/2019
West Midlands NL Titles10/11/2019
Leicester Friendly Competition 201909/11/2019
2019 Northern Counties Super League04/11/2019
Ballroom and Latin M.O.T.Y Competition 201904/11/2019
HORSHAM DANCERS NOV 201903/11/2019
Supadance NW Div 103/11/2019
2019 East Yorkshire Titles28/10/2019
West England Championships 27th Oct 201928/10/2019
DancesportScotland - Northern Trophy Day 201927/10/2019
Northamptonshire 201927/10/2019
London Globe Sunday 201920/10/2019
London Globe UK Solo 201920/10/2019
London Globe Saturday 201920/10/2019
regency dance Nottingham20/10/2019
The warwickshire and East Staffordshire Grand Prix 201913/10/2019
3rd North Midlands Trophy Day13/10/2019
Ipswich Dance Festival Oct 201913/10/2019
Battle of Ballroom Oct 201913/10/2019
IADT Annual Championship 201913/10/2019
2019 London Ball ProAm13/10/2019
2019 London Ball13/10/2019
The Best Comps Imperial Champs 2019 Part 211/10/2019
The Best Comps Sat 5th Oct 2019 UK 10 Dance Part 211/10/2019
The Best Comps Imperial Champs 2019 Part 111/10/2019
The Best Comps Sat 5th Oct 2019 UK 10 Dance Part 111/10/2019
2019 International Latin Championships11/10/2019
2019 International Ballroom Championships11/10/2019
2019 International Championships Wednesday09/10/2019
2019 International Championships Tuesday09/10/2019
In Memory of Doris Hall Latin 201907/10/2019
In Memory of Doris Hall 201907/10/2019
Midlands Open Trophies 201906/10/2019
WDO Amateur Latin05/10/2019
2019 IDTA Midlands Championships04/10/2019
Dancestars Awards Day 29.09.1930/09/2019
National All Ireland Sequence Championships 201929/09/2019
Supadance NW Division 129/09/2019
2019 All England Festival29/09/2019
Herne Bay Festival Sept 201922/09/2019
North West Solo Dance Awards 201918/09/2019
2019 Gateway Super League Event18/09/2019
Supadance NW Div 2 15-09-1915/09/2019
South Manchester Classical Seq 15th Sept 201915/09/2019
Thomas Chandler Memorial Day Latin and Adults 201909/09/2019
Thomas Chandler Memorial Day Sequence and Modern 201909/09/2019
Central SL Open Grand Prix - 8.9.201908/09/2019
Euphoria Awards Day 201908/09/2019
Cocarola Dance Festival Sept 201905/09/2019
Chesterfield Sequence Day 01091902/09/2019
Moorlands Trophy Day 201901/09/2019
Dancesport Scotland - Falkirk Provost Trophy 201901/09/2019
2019 Bournemouth Summer Festival Grand Finals29/07/2019
2019 Bournemouth Summer Festival Sunday29/07/2019
2019 Closed UK Champs Saturday29/07/2019
2019 Bournemouth Summer Festival Friday29/07/2019
2019 Bournemouth Summer Festival Thursday29/07/2019
BSF UK Solo Wednesday 24th July 201929/07/2019
BSF ProAm Teacher Student 201929/07/2019
BSF ProAm Teacher Student 2019_29/07/2019
Welsh Open Championships 201921/07/2019
Gtr Manchester Class Seq Grand Prix - 21st July 201921/07/2019
2019 Cheshire Grand Prix14/07/2019
IDTA MCE July 201914/07/2019
Three Counties Championships 201914/07/2019
Scotland and NW England ABD Medallist of the Year13/07/2019
2019 City of Nottingham Awards07/07/2019
STRICTLY VIBEZ JULY 201907/07/2019
Supadance NW Div 1 and 2 07-07-201907/07/2019
South Wales Summer Festival07/07/2019
Manchester Grand Prix Wheelchair Championship 201930/06/2019
Worlds Ultimate Challenge AmLat 201927/06/2019
North West Masters 201923/06/2019
Freed Summer Dance Festival Sunday 23rd June 201923/06/2019
Freed Summer Dance Festival Saturday 22nd June 201923/06/2019
Paradance National Championships 201922/06/2019
2019 Oxford Titles16/06/2019
Supadance NW Div 1 and 2 201916/06/2019
2019 Stars Friday13/06/2019
2019 Welsh Open Formation Championships13/06/2019
2019 Stars of the Future Sunday13/06/2019
Noreen Campbell Memorial Day Latin and Adults 201909/06/2019
Noreen Campbell Memorial Day Sequence and Ballroom 201909/06/2019
2019 Stars of the Future Saturday09/06/2019
2019 Pre Stars Grand Prix03/06/2019
Midlands Grand Prix 201902/06/2019
2019 ProAm Stoke01/06/2019
Supadance 201926/05/2019
IADT All Ireland Championships 201926/05/2019
Worlds Ultimate Challenge Pro Lat 201923/05/2019
HORSHAM DANCERS MAY 201919/05/2019
Bridlington Dance Festival 201919/05/2019
31st Tyne and Wear Dance Festival Latin and Adults19/05/2019
31st T yne and Wear Dance Festival Sequence and Ballroom19/05/2019
Worlds Ultimate Challenge 201918/05/2019
Freedom To Dance Rising Star May 201915/05/2019
Freedom Saturday May 201913/05/2019
Freedom To Dance Sunday May 201912/05/2019
Hatton Academy Latin and Adults 201912/05/2019
Hatton Academy Sequence and Ballroom 201912/05/2019
Herne Bay Festival May 201912/05/2019
2019 Allied Champioinships08/05/2019
Supadance Souhtern Area 2019 Leg 206/05/2019
Manchester University Spring 201905/05/2019
English Open Titles 201905/05/2019
Warwickshire Trophy Day05/05/2019
M King - Corby02/05/2019
Dancesport Scotland - Falkirk Spring Event 201930/04/2019
All England 2019 Amateur Latin29/04/2019
All England Amateur Latin Championship_29/04/2019
All England Professional Latin Championship29/04/2019
The 38th Felixstowe Festival28/04/2019
2019 Sunday WDCAL European Championships27/04/2019
2019 Saturday WDCAL European Championships27/04/2019
2019 Friday WDCAL European Championships22/04/2019
Southport Easter Sequence Dance Festival22/04/2019
Oxfordshire Titles 201914/04/2019
University of Liverpool Dancesport Club April 201908/04/2019
Midlands Gold Cup Awards Day 201907/04/2019
Ken Park Memorial Day 2019 Latin07/04/2019
Ken Park Memorial Day 2019 Sequence and Ballroom07/04/2019
5th La Vallette Dance Festival07/04/2019
2019 City of Bristol01/04/2019
Regency Dance Awards March 201931/03/2019
DPA Midland Awards Day 201931/03/2019
Northern Masters 201925/03/2019
ProAmChampionsOxfordSunday 201925/03/2019
ProAmChampions Oxford Saturday 201925/03/2019
North of Britain Titles 201924/03/2019
Cocarola Dance Festival 201919/03/2019
Supadance Southern Area Leg 118/03/2019
NCDTA 2019 Adults18/03/2019
NCDTA 2019 Latin18/03/2019
NCDTA 2019 Sequence and Ballroom18/03/2019
The Ipswich Festival March 201917/03/2019
Battle of the Ballroom March 201917/03/2019
2019 Trent Trophy Day17/03/2019
The London Gala Ball Show Dance 201917/03/2019
The 2019 London Gala Ball Show Dance_17/03/2019
The London Gala Ball Show Dance 2019_17/03/2019
The 2019 London Gala Ball17/03/2019
Pennine Trophy Day10/03/2019
Gtr Manchester Class Seq - Sunday 10th March 201910/03/2019
City of Manchester Championships10/03/2019
Kent University Titles 201909/03/2019
2019 Bristol Friendly Team Match09/03/2019
2019 Bristol Friendly09/03/2019
2019 IDTA Street FInals04/03/2019
2019 ABD Southern Area04/03/2019
South of England Championships03/03/2019
Dancesport Scotland - Under 16's Competition 201903/03/2019
The 7th Grosvenor Awards Day 2019 Latin25/02/2019
The 7th Grosvenor Awards Day 2019 Sequence and Ballroom25/02/2019
2019 Essex Super League Event25/02/2019
2019 ProAm Event Stoke25/02/2019
Supadance NW Div 1 and 2 Feb 201924/02/2019
Worcester Dance Festival 201924/02/2019
Yvonne Deaton's Dance Stars 201924/02/2019
Pink Jukebox 201919/02/2019
2019 Quick Quick Slow Awards18/02/2019
West of Britain solo titles 201917/02/2019
Northern Universities Dance Competition 1912/02/2019
2019 P and M Invitation School Event10/02/2019
All England Grand Prix sun 10th Feb 201910/02/2019
2019 Gloucestershire Titles10/02/2019
All England Grand Prix sat 9th Feb 201909/02/2019
2019 Interschool Invitational Funday03/02/2019
HORSHAM DANCERS FEB 201903/02/2019
Central Super League Open - 3.2.201903/02/2019
A Competition Day 2019 Latin and Adults03/02/2019
A Competition Day 2019 Sequence and Ballroom03/02/2019
Sheffield University Social February 201902/02/2019